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Just a reminder:the natural diet of these birds is BONES. Not just bone marrow; actual bone shards. They pick up huge freaking bones from carcasses and drop them onto rocks until they get spiky pieces and then they swallow them. Their stomach acid dissolves bone.

look me in the eye and tell me that’s not a fucking dragon

And they aren’t naturally red like that. That’s self-applied makeup. They find the reddest earth they can to work into their feathers as a status symbol.

And they don’t scavenge other parts of carcases, just the bones. 85-90% of their diet is exclusively bone. Hence why it’s only a myth that these birds would just pick up whole lambs and carry them off. It’s not true, but in German they’re still called Lämmergeier as a result.

So metal

The guy and the vulture both look like they’ve witnessed a serious fashion tragedy walk by

This is rad as fuck

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All pedophiles are trash, no exceptions. There is no “Kink-shaming” about it. Protect survivors at all costs.

Pedophilia is not a fucking kink. A kink is like when someone likes to suck on toes or some shit. Or get bound. Or eat food off their partner. ALL of these things with consenting adults only. But being sexually attracted to children is not a fucking kink. It’s a crime.

TRIGGER WARNING!!! If you are triggered by pedophilia PLEASE STOP READING NOW!

I’m sorry but I have to interject here:

Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to underage persons.

Pedophilia is NOT the act of sexual conduct with underage person.

No: I do not condone any sexual interaction of ANY kind with underage persons ESPECIALLY with or for the pleasure of older individuals.

Yes: it is not a “kink” and there is absolutely NO RATIONAL REASON TO EVER ENGAGE IN ACTS OF PEDOPHILIA EVER.

But, if someone is a pedophile that does not make them automatically a child molester or rapist. If you want to know why I think this way or felt the need to speak up listen to the This American Life episode about people who struggle with pedophilia.

If you struggle with pedophilia you are not a criminal and there are places where you can find support for your struggle and people who understand why you are not a monster. Please talk to your therapist if you feel safe doing so, tell someone you trust, or maybe contact a sexual recovery group like the one discussed in the This American Life episode.

You are not a monster. And you don’t have to give in to your temptations.

If this post reaches 10k I’ll remove everything that I self harm with



It’ll never reach there anyway… so i have nothing to worry about

Please, guys, help gerxonimo out, please? It’s incredibly hard to stop self harming, trust me. Whether its a blade, lighter, toothbrush (I used to use it to help me puke), rock (I used it to make me bruise), or any other thing, IT IS HARD! Please, please, please help.

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